We offer a holistic therapy through acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to promote better health for patients in Houston, TX.

Galleria Oriental Medicine & Wellness Center, locateded at Galleria & River Oaks, Houston, specialize in:

We offer a holistic therapy through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to promote better health. We integrate the best of the east and the west medicine to meet the needs of our patients. More and more US people realize that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can promote optimal health in a natural way, to boost our energy, to balance our body Yin and Yang, and to restore our immune system.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine is an ancient art that Chinese people have been using for thousands of years to treat all kinds of health related problems. We are the premier natural health clinic in Houston specializing in this art.

Clinic Information
2000 Bering Dr., STE. 270
call Houston, TX 77057
(832)818 0707

What Our Customers Say?

Jasmine J.
Jasmine J.
2018-03-02 19:23:23
The female acupuncture doctor that I went with today , I have to admit that her skill is really good , I have lower back pain of one side only for about...
Andrea H.
Andrea H.
2018-01-23 18:44:34
Silva has a huge heart. I did 2-3 x acupuncture with her, and she is so dedicated and passionate.I know they bit expensive, but u paying for a good...
Wanyi Z.
Wanyi Z.
2017-11-07 19:02:36
Dr. Ma and Dr.He are super caring and professional with their patients. They carefully analyze my situations and make recommendations for me that works very...
Richard Z.
Richard Z.
2017-11-07 17:43:08
I feel relaxed after acupuncture and I'm having better sleep. Dr. He is kind and skillful. Highly recommend to everyone
Jackie C.
Jackie C.
2017-11-01 13:24:57
My mother doesn't have a Yelp account but she loves these guys so much that she asked me to post a review on her behalf:Dr Ma is uniquely gifted at...
Edward C.
Edward C.
2017-10-23 12:54:56
Dr. Ma and Sylvia are experts at acupuncture. Being new to acupuncture, I decided to go for a few sessions for diabetes control, weight loss, and stress...

Why Choose Top Acupuncture?


Our clinic director, Dr Jiangpeng Ma, the professor in Biochemistry at Baylor College and professor in Bioengineering at Rice University, leads many cutting-edge researches in molecular biology and biomedical engineering in United States.

All our licensed acupuncturist staff have master degree in Chinese medicine from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM)

We have extensive knowledge of herbal formulas, supplements, teas & skin care

Experience your own Natural Healing Power, make appointment today! Phone (832) 818-0707

Sequelae of Stroke

We offer treatment for:

■ movement disorders
■ cognitive disorders
■ speech disorders
■ swallowing


We help diabetes challenges using a unique way

■ neuropathy
■ non-healing sore
■ high blood glucose
■ weight loss


We help relief all kinds of difficulties for cancer patient:

■ nausea/vomiting
■ dry mouth
■ cancer pain
■ depression
■ sleep disorder

Women's Health

We offer personalized women health plan for:

■ Pre-menopause
■ Amenorrhea
■ Irregular periods
■ Painful menses
■ Fibroids
■ Endometriosis

Men's Health

We use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat:

■ Erectile dysfunction
■ Premature ejaculation
■ Hair loss
■ Low testosterone
■ Prostate issues

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